Poems I read at the Poetry Stacked event on March 6, 2024

22 May
Published by John Philip Drury

Here’s the set list of poems I read at the Poetry Stacked event in Langsam Library at the University of Cincinnati on March 6, 2024:

“Sestina on Six Words by Michael Peterson” (from The Hudson Review , Winter 2024)
“Ghazal of the Vaporetto”
“Chaconne” (preceded by the poem’s “Production Notes” in The Teller’s Cage)

At this edition of Poetry Stacked, three dancers from CCM performed their own choreography to poems by three poets. The other two poets were Sara Moore Wagner and Kristyn Garza. My poem for a dance by Gracie Zamiska was “Chaconne,” an imaginary movie about the unsolved murder of Baroque composer Jean-Marie LeClair (from The Teller’s Cage).